The landlord of AP farm in Sumy region


Getting support in times when you are alone with your grief gives you the strength to live on.

This is what every story we receive is about, especially from the regions where Russian troops

raged the most.

The landlord of an AP farm in Sumy region, where occupiers entered the village and caused damage in every yard, says: “Everything was taken away from the house and stolen. It lasted more than an hour. And what they couldn’t take out – they shot…  

In desperation, I turned to the Agroprosperis charity fund for help with essential goods for us and our children: clothes, blankets and food.

I am incredibly grateful for the support of my family in this difficult time! For promptness in helping all the victims of war. My husband and I have always only relied on ourselves, but what happened literally turned our lives upside down. Thank you very much! Peace to all of us".

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