Love for his Motherland, a big friendly family and his best friend named Floyd – that´s Roman, a sailor in the Marines.

And this is our common history – the story of the Ukrainian defender and of Agroprosperis charity fund. The first of many dozens that we are going to talk about.

In 2017, Roman decided to enlist in the Ukraine’s Armed Forces. There could hardly be another choice, because Roman apparently held all the features which are essential for a dedicated service in the armed forces: love for his homeland, courage and determination, as well as an indomitable sense of humor.

With the beginning of war our hero, together with his comrades, defended one of the belligerent hotspots near Mariupol. But something irreparable happened: He was seriously wounded during the shelling, and as a result lost his right leg, severely injured his left leg, and is currently awaiting long rehabilitation and prosthetics. Despite his awul woundings, Roman brought his tailed friend from Mariupol in his previous rotation.

On (date) Roman's mother - an AP landlord from Vinnytsia region - applied to the Agroprosperis charity fund. We instantly provided financial aid to get him back on his feet. Roman is now at home and gradually recovers from his physical injuries. Roman, we wish you a speedy healing process, strength, and the peaceful sky, which you fought for on behalf for all of us!

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