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The Agroprosperis humanitarian charity fund was created with the company's own capital of 150,000. Join us and make your contribution!
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Agroprosperis is a group of companies with direct US and EU investments. Since 2007 it has been working in Ukraine’s agriculture sector.

Today, the Group comprises 43 farms and 10 grain elevators located in 11 regions. We lease more than 300 thousand hectares of land from people living mainly in rural areas.

Every day, our 3,000 employees communicate with half a million people.

These are our landlords, members of their families, representatives of local communities. We know perfectly well how they live and what they need.

About Us


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employees are in direct contact with 500,000 citizens

We do it for people in need

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Treatment and medicines

We help with treatment and supply medicines to individuals and health centers

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We build and create

Infrastructure development of villages (lighting, roads, drinking water, Internet)

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We help with education for students to get a brighter future and make a difference

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Life support

Help in joyful and difficult life situations


Since the beginning of Russian aggression on February 24, 2022, the cities and villages of Ukraine suffer from destruction, lack of food, water, medicines, clothing and essential goods. Many people do not have the money to get out of the active hostilities zone, to transfer women, children and the elderly to safe places.

These days, on the verge of life and death, people are increasingly turning to us for advice and effective support. We continue to do what we have successfully been doing for 15 previous years: extend a helping hand to our countrymen and their families at the most critical moment. And we are ready to do more for each of them and their families to save their lives, health, and future.

On February 27, we thus created the Agroprosperis humanitarian charity fund with the company’s own capital of $150,000.

Unlike foreign aid and fundraising campaigns, we can help Ukrainians immediately and targeted because we live and work with them! Due to our network, we see and hear everyone and provide instant, coordinated and transparent help!

Please support us in saving lives and caring for the Ukrainian people in the turmoil of this war!


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